Working Since 1984

Our Mission and vision

HankInvest is the only actor that delivers substantial value in terms of career guidance to students aiming for a career in the very competitive spectrum of investment banking, management consulting and related industries.

Our main purpose is to help Hanken students in forming and reaching their career goals, we do this by organizing two excursions abroad, various events both independently and in co-operation with different companies and by distributing relevant information to students. HankInvest is completely student-driven, the board consisting of 12 students who run the activities of HankInvest.

Our main goal for 2018 is to attract more young students to our events, and enhance Hanken students application & interview readiness. Furthermore, we wish to promote the Hanken Students Brand and raise awareness for our focus industries.

Anton Eriksson & Tom Aarvala
President & Vice President

HankInvest visiting Permira 2017